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Lips have always been an important feature in beauty; smooth, full lips are attractive, sensual and suggest youth and because we look at lips when people talk, they are a prominent feature on the face.

A perfectly shaped mouth that looks natural and with a flush of colour can change the appearance of the lower part of the face with beautiful results.

Permanent makeup can give you the volume and fullness that you want.

Who Benefits from Perfect Lips?

• People who want more definition and contouring of the lips
• People who want to correct asymmetrical or thinning lips
• People who require a flush of colour to balance the lips and lift the complexion.
• People who need to minimise lipstick bleed with the re-contouring the vermillion border.
• Sports people who do not want to be make up free when working out / swimming

What to Expect from Us

Permanent make-up uses pharmaceutically graded, hypo-allergenic pigments that are carefully inserted into the upper dermis of the skin, adding colour, contrast and definition.

It’s not unlike tattooing except it doesn’t penetrate as deeply into the skin. The pigments used are very specific for this type of work and are blended to work with your individual, natural skin tone.

Tattooed lips lasts anywhere from between 18 months – 3 years.

Lip appointment takes approximately 1.5 hours.


Lip Liner £225

Lip liner and blush £300

Full lip colour £425