Semi permanent eyeliner from Finishing Touches Clinic, Ipswich, Suffolk
Semi permanent eyeliner from finishing Touches Clinic in Suffolk

Eye-liner is used to define the eyes. It is applied around the contours of the eye to create a variety of aesthetic illusions. Looking great 24/7 never was so easy a 2 hour treatment will leave you with perfectly defined eyes, be it with a subtle lash enhancement or a dramatic liner to suit your look.

Who benefits from having perfect eyeliner?

• People who wants their eyes to look less bare and unnoticeable
• People who want a smudge proof eyeliner, perfectly shaped
• People who’s eyelashes are missing (or sparse).
• For eyes that are inclined to water in the cold, wind or light.
• For people who are visually impaired
• People who have allergies to makeup
• Professionals’ whose time is precious


Top eyeliner £200

Bottom eyeliner £125

Top & bottom eyeliner £295

Lash enhancement £225

Latino eyeliner £395